Sestilio Burattini was born in 1947 to Magione (Perugia) Italy, where he lives and works. He is teacher of technique of marble and hard stones to the Academy of Arts of Perugia of which he is also academic member of merit.

His works are found in private and public collections, in Italy and abroad.

  • 2001 Sestriere (TO): Freedom Space
  • 2001 Radicondoli (SI): International Sculpture Exhibition
  • 2002 Florence: Imaginary Gallery Visual Arts Gallery Artists
  • 2003 Perugia: Works owned by the Province of Perugia
  • 2003 Radicondoli (SI): International Sculpture Exhibition
  • 2003 Castiglion d’Orcia (SI): Sculpture and Painting Exhibition
  • 2003 London (ENG): The Garden Gallery summer exhibition
  • 2004 Assisi (PG): Basilica di S.Francesco, Homage to S.Francesco
  • 2004 Città di Castello (PG): Colors of Life Images of Hope
  • 2005 S.Sisto (PG): Art, Humanity and Faith
  • 2006 Spello (PG): Land of the Masters
  • 2006 Bratislava (Slovacchia): Contemporary Italian art between form and color
  • 2007 Perugia: Land of the Masters 1969-1980
  • 2008 Arte Deruta (PG): Biennial of contemporary art
  • 2008 Arezzo: Water in Art
  • 2008 Florence: Water in Art
  • 2008 Poland (Olsztyn): Land of encounters
  • 2009 Romania (Bucarest): Umbria Land of encounters
  • 2012 Todi (PG): Caravanserraio Palazzo del Vignola
  • 2012 Rome: Iraq Embassy II° Art Festival
  • 2013 Bevagna (PG): Drawings on bambagina paper
  • 2013 Rome: Iraq Embassy III° Art Festival
  • 2013 Norcia (PG): Homage to Brancaleone from Norcia
  • 2013 Spoleto (PG): On the occasion of Festival di Spoleto, hotel Arbornoz
  • 2013 Milan (MI): “The path of bread” Spazio Oberdan
  • 2013 Bologna (ER): Art Gallery Wikiarte.
  • 2016 Perugia: Trasimeno Lake Light sculptures
  • 2016 Austria: Graz museo gleisdorf

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